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We make wooden houses using traditional technologies:

• cants (from rectangular cut logs)

• halves (from round log halves)

Our logs are most often Spruce, but also Larch wood or Pine depending on each individual

construction being considered.

There are several methods of Clinking:

• caulking - traditional so-called natural filling. cotton-thickness of about 2 cm, commonly used in the

Podhale region, performed by experts that can be solved in two ways:

 - exterior caulking only - decorative braids visible from the outside of the building, inside trimmed

smooth, flush with logs

 - interior and exterior caulking - decorative braids on both the outside and the inside of the log

• tongue and groove – logs are cut with own tongues and grooves , linked exactly to each other with

caulking (optional) applied in grooves

• outside tongue - logs possess grooves on both sides in which the so called "Soul" is placed (outside


• outside tongue + caulking - an alternative for those who prefer the decorative braid (caulking) on

the exterior wall and interior wall with a uniform wood finish.

• imitation caulking - natural caulking is replaced by a wooden strip (outside tongue) with accented

braid, often used for finishing the interior.

All the details, technical or aesthetic solutions are established according to individual projects or